Bremani Care

Protection against photoaging Anti-aging care Prevention of frame sagging Tightens the oval of..
28.90 –30%
40.50 € Retail
For daily use Vitamin E Enriched Formula Gives hair a shiny, healthy and beautiful look, leaving..
13.20 –30%
18.50 € Retail
For daily use Deep cleansing hair and scalp Provides shine and healthy looking hair Designed f..
14.90 –30%
20.90 € Retail
Cleans up Removes makeup residues Moisturizes Tightens pores Softens Provides the biologic..
20.20 –30%
28.30 € Retail
A creamy mask that gives your skin a glow. Immediate hydration and smoothness. The Cinderell..
25.00 –30%
40.50 € Retail
Cleans up Tones Moisturizes Mattes Soothes CLEANSING AND MATTIFYING FACE TONER ..
11.60 –30%
16.20 € Retail
Brightens and plumps the skin Anti-aging care Anti-wrinkle Tightening and strengthening of the..
27.40 –30%
38.40 € Retail
Long-term hydration Universal care and age-related prevention Sun protection Refreshes Resto..
25.30 –30%
35.40 € Retail
Long-lasting, highly pigmented Shapes eyelashes for a beautiful curve Perfectly separates and cu..
14.40 –30%
20.10 € Retail
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Be perfect!

Discover an innovative line of professional Italian cosmetics.
The philosophy of Bremani Care is to use innovative technologies to create the most modern, elite formulations to prolong youth. The unique solutions of the experts formed the basis of cosmetics that promote the regeneration of skin cells, restoration of health and a magnificent appearance of the skin - all that thanks to which a woman gains self-confidence!