Buy with a discount.

NSP Club | fights for its regular customers and gives them a good 30% discount

(the opportunity to buy without the 40% retail markup)

Aloyal customer is someone who has taken out an NSP Discount Number and purchases products at using their Discount Number at least once every six months.

This discount number does NOT obligate you to make any monthly or other purchases, much less sales.

Conditions for obtaining a discount number:

Your first order must be over 43, the amount in local currency can be seen in the Discount Calculator module .

All products from your first order will be already calculated at discount price, with 30% discount. In the future, you can buy any amount of products you need for €6, €25, €138... or not to purchase at all - the discount will be saved for you!

Note: You do NOT need passport information to apply for a discount.

Ways to get your discount number:

  1. Place an order through "Shopping Cart" for €43+

  2. Order via online chat (red button in the lower right corner). Inform the consultant of your desire to buy products at a discount and the rest we will do for you (we will create an order, a discount number and send all the necessary information to your email)

Who will be my consultant after I have registered my NSP Discount Number?

Within the NSP Club framework, a personal consultant is assigned to each client, who will help you in selecting products and other information support. When you register for an NSP Discount Number (partnership agreement) you will receive a letter to your e-mail box with the number itself and, as well, a letter from a consultant with information about your order and other details.

- Register for an NSP Club membership.

If you cannot contact your consultant, please contact us in any way that is convenient for you.

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