Stress as a cause: sleep disturbances, poor functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, disruptions in the cycle and PMS, hair loss, edema.

In this video, we will talk with you about the restoration of the nervous system.

But not just about what you need to drink Magnesium , Vitamins and 5 HTPower , but about what diseases and symptoms "come out" against the background of stress.

We will give examples of what we are asked about and you will immediately understand what we are talking about.


  • "Hair falls out very much, almost nothing is left"
  • "the hair became thin and lifeless, the skin became dull and not elastic, in some places it even sags"
  • "Something incomprehensible is happening with the cycle: either 2 times a month, then a 45-day break"
  • "weird discharge appeared in the middle of the cycle, I can't figure out what it is"
  • "Terrible PMS, I just want to throw myself at people and eat sweets"
  • "I have never had this with my breasts" in the second half of the cycle - just terrible swelling and sensitivity"
  • “I can’t fall asleep, I can’t sleep for 2-3 hours, and if I fall asleep, I can wake up in 2 hours and lie down again and I can’t fall asleep”
  • - "the gastrointestinal tract is missing after eating, like spasms, and heaviness began to appear often, although I eat as before"

And a number of other questions that relate specifically to the exhaustion of the nervous system, and after all, for all these complaints, you can go to: a gastroenterologist, a gynecologist, a trichologist and a cosmetologist?

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