The anti-wrinkle cosmetics set

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  • Daily cleansing, nutrition, hydration and regeneration
  • High quality care

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The anti-wrinkle cosmetics set

It is not clear at what age you should start using anti-wrinkle cosmetics. Every skin is different - it reacts differently to external factors and ages faster or slower. One thing is for sure, one you notice the first signs of ageing, it is time to replace your regular cream with an anti-wrinkle cream.

In order to fight skin ageing, wrinkles and discolourations, we have created the Bremani Care cosmetic set to help you slow down the passage of time.

The anti-wrinkle cosmetics set includes:

  • Cleansing micellar gel
  • Cleansing and mattifying face tonic
  • Anti-wrinkle day face cream
  • Anti-wrinkle night face cream
  • Eye cream 40+
  •  "Cinderella Effect" brightening face mask

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