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Pro Active will help you keep healthy easily!

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Pro Active 

Maintain your health actively! 

A set of dietary supplements 

Yes, staying healthy is easy! Just eat healthy and remember about frequent physical activity. Less important whether you are running, cycling or swimming. It is essential to do this regularly. Physical activity has been included in the healthy eating pyramid as the basis for health and fitness. 

Of course, frequent sports activities do not exempt you from a healthy diet. On the contrary, only the combination of healthy eating and physical activity will ensure satisfactory results.

Start living healthy! Right now! With the Pro Active set and regular activity, you will quickly notice the first positive changes! Pro Active will provide you with the necessary energy, a complex of vitamins and minerals, the perfect portion of protein and fibre and much, much more!

Being active is the key to health! 

Solstic Energy from Nature is composed of energetic guarana and B vitamins, and its recipe was developed with everyday activity in mind. So start your day by quickly gaining extra energy that you will enjoy for hours!

SmartMeal will help you notice the first results faster than you would expect. 24g of vegan protein will help you build muscle, and fibre and a complex of vitamins and minerals ensure that feeling of health every day!

Collagen+ is much more than just collagen. Vitamin C will help you regenerate after training, and the product will also supplement your diet with zinc, which you lose quickly during exercise. All products of the Pro Active set perfectly fit into everyday activities. Thanks to the powder form and convenient sachets, you can take them anywhere.

Let’s get to it! Be active in maintaining your health!

Solstic Energy from Nature
2 x SmartMeal

Recommended intake: 
Use all products from the set following the instructions on the labels. 

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