Green bottle with logo 600 ml

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  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Stainless steel lid with silicone ring.
  • Branded logo.
  • Bright color.
  • Not suitable for carbonated drinks.
  • Do not fill with hot water.

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Meet your new Eco-Companion: NSP Green Bottle 600 ml

Not just a bottle, but a symbol of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and respect for nature. This green bottle from NSP, made of eco-friendly materials, will be your reliable companion in your daily hydration and self-care. The bottle is made from RPET material. This is a new type of recycled material that protects the environment. It is re-manufactured, environmentally friendly.

Why NSP Green Bottle?

  • Eco-friendly material: made of safe, non-toxic material that is easy to recycle and does not harm the environment.
  • Ideal volume of 600 ml: the optimal volume to maintain water balance throughout the day without requiring frequent refills.
  • Easy to use: the ergonomic design and secure lid ensure comfortable use, whether in the gym or outdoors.
  • Stylish appearance: the bright green color and the NSP logo emphasize your personality and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing this bottle is not only a choice in favor of health, but also your personal contribution to the preservation of nature. Together we can do more!

  • Keep your body's water balance at the right level throughout the day.
  • Carry your favorite NSP drink with you at all times.
  • Express yourself through stylish accessories that emphasize your concern for health and the world around you.
  • Be assured of product quality by using only tested and safe materials.

For the longevity of your bottle, we recommend hand washing with mild detergents. Avoid direct exposure to high temperatures.

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