Orange bottle with logo 780 ml

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  • Bottle with silicone handle for easy carrying and stainless steel lid.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Bright color.
  • Stylish design.
  • Do not fill with hot water.
  • Not suitable for carbonated drinks.

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Your new companion - the 780 ml Orange Bottle from NSP

Bring brightness to your every day with the new orange bottle from NSP. Designed for those who appreciate style, convenience and quality, this 780 ml bottle will become your indispensable accessory on the go, at the workout or on your desk. The bottle is made of RPET material. It is a new type of recycled material that protects the environment. It is re-manufactured, environmentally friendly.

Why NSP Orange Bottle?

  • Capacious volume: 780ml to keep you hydrated for longer without the need for constant refills.
  • Bright design: The rich orange color and stylish NSP logo make this bottle not only a functional but also a fashion accessory.
  • Durable and safe: Made of durable and safe material that does not absorb odors and does not emit harmful substances.
  • Comfortable to use: Ergonomic shape and tightly closing lid guarantee comfortable drinking in any situation. Dimensions: Ø7X24.5 cm.

By choosing the orange NSP bottle, you get not just a container for water and infusions, but a thoughtful accessory that will emphasize your unique style and support a healthy lifestyle.

  • Stay hydrated at work, at the gym and on vacation.
  • Carry your favorite NSP beverage with you at all times.
  • Express your personality with a bright and memorable design.
  • Trust in the quality and safety of materials when you choose products from NSP.

For the longevity of your bottle, we recommend hand washing with mild detergents. Avoid direct exposure to high temperatures.

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