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  • Supports digestion and digestive health.
  • A mixture of Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki), Red Elm and Marshmallow root has a beneficial effect on digestion and improves the functions of the digestive system and intestines.
  • One jar contains 60 capsules.

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Keep your bowel moving naturally with the Gentle Move .

This unique blend of magnesium and herbs such as red elm has been researched and specifically formulated to support the digestive system. Magnesium helps maintain electrolyte balance. This formula also contains Triphala extract, a traditional blend of wild Ayurvedic herbs.

Useful properties due to ingredients of plant origin:

  • Supports the digestive tract and helps in the normalization of digestion.
  • May support gut health.
  • Natural relief for constipation.
  • Contains herbal ingredients.

Active ingredients:

  • Magnesium

It is believed that 80-90% of magnesium is lost during the digestion of food. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost 70% of people do not get enough of this essential macronutrient. Magnesium supports many functions in the body, such as bone health, psychological function and muscle function, and contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism - energy production and muscle contractions, and is also important for the health of the nervous system.

  • Triphala extract

Derived from the fruits of amalaki (Indian gooseberry), bibhitaki and haritaki, triphala extract has played an important role in the Ayurvedic tradition for over 1000 years. Considered a staple of gastrointestinal support in Ayurveda, Triphala contains many bioactive compounds.

Its main components are tannins, gallic, ellagic and chebulic acids - powerful antioxidants. It also contains flavonoids: quercetin and luteolin, as well as various saponins, anthraquinones and amino acids.

Triphala can also improve digestion and absorption of food, promoting gut health and maintaining digestive balance.

  • Elm red

Red Elm is well known for its traditional role in maintaining gut health. It is rich in soothing mucus, a thick, slippery substance that can coat the lining of the stomach and intestines, making it easier for intestinal contents to pass.

Along with the increasing consumption of red elm, quality and growing conditions have become the most important criteria in its selection. We only work with experienced pickers who responsibly and manually collect pieces of this plant for us. Every spring, our partners harvest the bark from trees that are at least 15 years old using special methods. This point is very important because the sap flowing from April to July helps to easily separate the outer bark from the inner one, thus saving the tree for the next harvest.

  • Marshmallow officinalis

Althaea officinalis, more commonly known as marshmallow, is a perennial herb native to Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. Its beautiful white and pink flowers can be found in nature along the banks of rivers and in salt marshes, as it prefers moist sandy soils.

Marshmallow root has been used in traditional herbal medicine for centuries. It is believed to keep the mucous membranes of the entire digestive tract healthy, and its mucus, a juice-like substance, soothes any irritation on them.


Active ingredients Per Daily Serving (1 Veggie Capsule) %RWS (1 Veggie Caps)
Magnesium 200 mg 53%
Curly sorrel root 50 mg **

Three fruit extract
- in particular:

Chebulny mirobolan extract

Bellerica almond extract

Emblica Leaf Extract

90 mg

30 mg

30 mg

30 mg

Galgant of ginger officinalis

25 mg

Dandelion Root Extract

10 mg

Red elm bark

10 mg


*RWS: Adult Daily Reference Values

**RWS not installed.

Recommendations for use:

Take 2 capsules at night or at bedtime.

During Periods Requiring Special Support: Take up to 6 capsules daily for 7-10 days.

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My doctor advised me to drink for digestion, especially when I have holidays and overeat .. It helps, heaviness goes away

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